The document explains what makes appropriate usage of the website, its related online resources, and the network of servers. This also concerns our stance on content management, and what consistency and quality you should expect. Please review our Copyright Policies should you have concerns on what you are legally permitted to do with the material contained on this web site.


The aim of this website is to be viewed by normal web browser applications such as those present in our Compatible Browsers portion, and related items via a human direct contact. Except for publicly available RSS feeds given in XML format, the website and its related data are not intended to be accessed by any automatic means, such as scripts or bots or automatic applications. Be mindful that if you use an automatic means of accessing or uploading this website, in whole or in part, your access to the website can be blocked, terminated, interrupted or slowed down either voluntarily or involuntarily, specifically if you are trying to download so many large files at once. To secure the website's user interface for all who use it in the manner envisaged by its creators, this is important.

Please note that automated access to the internet, through scripts, bots, or other similar means that have the impact of significantly deteriorating the output of the website or incurring substantial increased costs for its operators without producing adequate revenue to cover those costs. Bear in mind that in conjunction with identical acts by other consumers, only small infringements of this regulation will have a significant negative impact,

We urge you to follow the above rules, so that we can continue to deliver the website to the world as a free tool. We plan to leverage our human and financial capital to develop and expand the website's functionality and material. Your collaboration is crucial.


Without our approval direct hyperlinkage to photos and other wide files hosted by is strictly forbidden. Of course you can connect directly to individual web pages based on HTML or XML. Direct ties to our tiny sample photos are enabled but are not guaranteed. No data or applications hosted on this website are to be incorporated into some other online service or program without the express written consent of the administrators of this website, except for freely accessible RSS feeds in XML format.

Content sent by User is a website which is funded by the government and depends on its consumer base for the majority of its primary material. We actually welcome submissions of material in the form of mobile wallpapers. To ensure the consistency of our service services, only a handful of entries are chosen for publicly available parts of the platform to be released.Any of the material of can be openly reported on, with browser-submitted text appearing directly on the web, connected to the correct information. The developers and programmers of this platform propose that the commenting function should only be used for positive reviews and other conversations specifically relevant to the material concerned. This should not be used for personal insults, overt or implicit, off-topic conversations, material that is socially or culturally offensive, adult content or any material that is not appropriate for a family audience with young children. We further suggest that publicly identifying details not be added on the website, irrespective of how it applies on oneself or to another user. Under the guidance of a parent, guardian or other responsible person, children under the age of 13 shall upload comments or other material only.

We reserve the right to edit the material posted on throughout the submission process and afterwards. The moderators can, at any moment, manually or through automatic means, remove or modify material through the use of user-generated data to decide what is and is not relevant to our audience. Over time the requirements for moderation will differ. 


Web site administrators make a fair effort to ensure the quality and efficiency of and its relevant services. There can be no assurance of uptime and usability though. Due to scheduled or emergency updates, functionality improvements, software fixes, server migrations, hardware upgrades and crashes or merely to avoid illegal usage, intrusion, or misuse of the website or its services, the website may sometimes be offline, in full or in part.

Disclaimer, its operators, staff, vendors and associates shall not be kept legitimately or financially responsible for any negligence, harm or injuries arising from the usage or presence of, its associated websites, materials, services or infrastructures.

This being said, if you have any questions about the website, please let operators know about them via Contact us link.

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