's founders and administrators take your anonymity online to heart. This guide explains the types of information our servers gather, and includes access to our third-party advertisement partners' privacy policies.

User Accounts

Membership is an available component of the Web platform of No user account is required to access the content we provide or download. However, having an account provides additional functionality such as the opportunity (but not limited to) to upload material, create a gallery of your own wallpapers, or post comments.

Through making an account you contribute your sensitive details that will be kept on our servers. This data contains at least a valid email address, a username, password and. You can optionally attach additional details to your account profile. Your details regarding your profile is available and can appear on our website, except for your email address and password.

Personally Identified Data

We actively prohibit users from entering their full name, telephone number, physical address or other personal details in the site's user accounts, comments or other fields. In fact, we recommend that juveniles and other individuals with restricted decision-making capacity should not establish an account on this platform without a guardian's permission and supervision.

For cases where users add personal identifying details regarding certain people on public parts of the website, we make a fair effort on track and delete the offensive content.

Server Logs

As for other websites, records network, archive, and other use and connection details for server applications. This details can include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, which may in certain situations be converted into an relationship (such as your job, education, or internet service provider) or a geographic place. We do use this knowledge for testing purposes and for aggregating use and traffic data into secret ones.


When browsing, your web browser that, at the request of our servers, generate a small number of text files named "cookies" on your local filesystem. This files help us to customize the browsing experience for registered as well as non-registered users. You can uninstall them at any moment, or you can customize the software to not build them. However, we do not guarantee that all of the apps would work as planned without allowed cookies.

Third-Party Advertisers

We have partnerships with several third-party advertisement networks in order to offset the expenses of offering hd wallpapers as a free tool to public. Our advertisement partners activities are not expressly protected by the Privacy Policies of We highly suggest you consult their rules. We have a chart of our promotional partners below, for your convenience. Needless to say we can not ensure that it is all up to date and detailed.

Google Adsense:

We'll give you the following Google and DoubleClick DART details


As a third-party user Google uses cookies to display advertising on your pages.

The usage of the DART cookie by Google helps it to deliver advertising to your users based on their clicks to your websites and other websites.

Users will opt out of utilizing the DART cookie by accessing the privacy policies on Google advertising and the web network.

Tribal Fusion:

Tribal Fusion cookies do not gather information which is publicly identifiable.

Sharing/Selling of Data does not distribute or offer publicly identifying details such as spammers or targeted advertisers to third parties. We honor your confidentiality.

Account Cancellation

On request, you can cancel your account at Your account profile will no longer exist on the website and your entries will not be publicly available for access anymore. Any statements you previously made will always show and contain your username, but your profile will not be connected to them. You will not be allowed to log-in upon termination.

Data Retention

The data submitted to and created by this web site can be copied for replication and backup purposes to additional computers.

For any problems or questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


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