Choose the wallpaper first. You'll see a click right below the picture that says "Download." You'll also see the size of your computer, which we've worked out for you. Clicking on the "download" button will save the wallpaper file, most likely in your "downloads" tab. Find the picture on your screen, right-click it and then click on "set as screensaver to your desktop." Enjoy your latest wallpaper now!


Find a wallpaper you enjoy, and just below press the red "download" tab. Then press the > Device Settings > Monitor & Screen Saver > Application tray. Select the picture downloaded on your screen, and click on the object. Go back to your screen now and look at your new wallpaper!


Pick a perfect wallpaper, and press below the picture on the red download tab. Next press the icon and hang on for a couple of seconds. First pick "save picture" from the options below, go to your Photos and locate the photo you've just downloaded. Use the button "post" (looks like an arrow curving out of a box) and then choose the button "use as a wallpaper." You should now be able to trim or organize the picture to your liking; press "ready" when it looks fine. The only option left to do is pick if the screenshot is your lock screen, front screen or both. .And just enjoy!


Choose from and import one of our many exquisite wallpapers by clicking on the red "Download" button just below the graphic. Now open your gallery / photos software and open the "download" tab from there, where you can see the screenshot you've just downloaded. Click on the picture, then look at the upper right corner and press the three horizontal dots menu icon. Take "look like wallpaper" from the menu choices. Now determine if you want to use your new wallpaper as the background to your screensaver, lock screen or both, and select the correct choice. You should be able to adjust the picture to your liking; if you are 100% satisfied with the way it appears, click on "setup wallpaper," go back to your home screen and be blinded!

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